The Barbet Club Committee


For general information about the barbet (french water dog) or the Barbet Club of G.B. please contact one of the acting committee members below.


Mr Richard McDougal - 01747 821651
Dorset; E-mail


Mrs Julie Botterill - 07966 394692
Cheshire, E-mail


KC Application Coordinator
Mrs Wendy Preston - 01425 474456
Hampshire, E-mail


Treasurer & Membership Secretary (Acting Club Secretary)
Mrs Julie McDougal - 01747 821651
Dorset; E-mail
Julie also produces the Club newsletter.


General Committee Members


Mrs Lise Lawrence - 07746 757479


Mr Graham Peacock - 01344 428159
Berkshire, E-mail


Mrs Melanie Peacock - 01344 428159
Berkshire; E-mail


Media/Publicity & Website - non committee member

Responsible for running and maintaining the club website & forum.

Mr Julian Preston